OKR Details

Hub provides detailed information on an Objective and its Key Results. Click any Objective to view its information in the hub’s right side window. Click > (Expand Icon) to expand all the Key Results for an Objective.

Click on an Objective to display detailed information on Objective Objective and its progress in the side window.

  • Current: Current progress for the Objective
  • Expected: Expected progress for the Objective (Only for Objectives in Current Period or Current FY)
  • Remaining Days: Number of days remaining in the period selected
  • Days to Start: Number of days to start for the period selected (Only for Objectives in Future Period or Future FY)
  • Tags: Tags for the Objective, only displayed if tags are entered for an Objective
  • Open Hierarchy: Displayed if an Objective has a parent or child Objective. Clicking Open hierarchy will display the hierarchy for the Objective.
  • Non- Aligned: Displayed if an Objective has no parent or child Objective.
  • Confidence: Confidence for the Objective
  • KR by Predicted Progress: Graph showing number of Key Results with predicted progress above and below 70%. (Only for Objectives in Current Period or Current FY)
  • Review Score: Review score assigned to the Objective. (Only for Objective in closed status or in Closed Period or Closed FY)
  • KR Update Score: Average Update Score for Objective’s Key Result. Hovering over the KR update score will show the graph with Key Results grouped by KR Update score.
  • KR Progress: Trend graph showing progress of each Key Result in the Objective.