Create Funnel Chart

OKRify Funnel Charts can be created in Salesforce in simple steps and added to your Sales home page easily in minutes. OKRify KPIs are required for creating a Funnel Chart. Please click here for information on how to create KPIs.

Once you have created the required KPIs for your funnel chart please follow the below steps to create a funnel chart.

1. Click and search for Funnel to open the Create Funnel Chart Page

2. Enter a name for the funnel chart in the name field

3. Select the timeframe for the funnel chart - Monthly, Quarterly or Annual

4. Enter a detailed description for the funnel chart in the description field

5. Select one or more teams which will automatically populate the managers of the team as the owners for the funnel and team members as users for the funnel.

6.Add additional owners and users in the respective fields

  • Owners: Can edit the funnel
  • Users: can view the funnel

Both owners and users need permission to set OKRify_Funnel_User to view the Funnel chart.

7. Enter the first KPI you want to display in the funnel chart

8. Optionally, enter a target for the KPI ( Percentage of achieved target will be displayed in the chart).

9. Add the remaining KPIs you intend to feature in the funnel chart along with their respective targets

10. Choose "Save" to retain the funnel in draft status, or opt for "Save & Activate" to establish the funnel as active.

Note: Enter KPIs in the right order in the funnel to ensure the funnel chart is represented correctly.

Actions for funnel chart

  • Save: Save the funnel in draft status
  • Save & Activate: Save the funnel in active status
  • Delete: Delete the funnel
  • Clone: Clone the funnel chart
  • Create New Funnel: Open a new funnel screen