View Reportees

The Reportees tab in the Hub offers managers a simple way to access all their team members' OKRs in a single location. This feature allows for transparency and clarity in the goal-setting process, displaying all Individual OKRs, Individual private OKRs, and Team OKRs. Access to this tab will be limited to managers only.

To enhance the effectiveness of the Reportees tab, filters for Period and Ownership type are available. This allows managers to focus on specific objectives and track progress accurately.

Enabling Reportees in OKRify Settings is a straightforward process that can be performed by users with the OKRify Admin Permission set. The feature can help streamline the goal-setting process, improve accountability and ownership, and ultimately drive the organization towards achieving its objectives.

Reportees Side Window

Like other tabs in the Hub, the Reportees tab also features a summary section in the side window. This summary provides detailed information on the number of OKRs and progress based on Individual or Team OKRs. With this feature, managers can easily track the progress of their team members towards achieving their set objectives.