General Settings

Below are the settings available in general settings

  • KROverdue Sender Name
    Sender name for KR Overdue notification. Schedule KR Overdue notification as an Apex job
  • KR Update Tolerance %
    Tolerance value for calculating KR Update Score. Increasing this value will relax the rule for calculating the KR update score.

  • No of Obj rec start
    Starting value of the range for a number of objectives recommended for a team. A recommendation is provided based on this value.
  • No of Obj rec final
    The final value of the range for the number of objectives recommended for a team. A recommendation is provided based on this value.
  • Create OKR help URL
    Help URL for create OKR displayed in Hub and Create OKR Screens
  • OKR Reco Text
    Recommended Text for Objectives and Key Results shown for regular users of OKRify.
  • Reco Text New Users
    Recommended Text for Objectives and Key Results shown for new users of OKRify.
  • FY Starting Month
    Default is January, if your organization's FY starts on a different month then please set the starting month for your FY.
  • Enable KPI
    Enable KPI feature
  • Enable OKR Weights (Coming Soon)
    Enable weights for OKRs to calculate progress and risk for the team. If not enabled then average progress/risk of current period OKRs will be the progress/risk for the team.
  • Enable Confidence
    Confidence for OKRs can be enabled or disabled using this button. If disabled then confidence will be removed from Create OKR, Hub and KR Update Screens.
  • KR Is Update Date Editable
    Allow users to edit Update date when updating Key Result Progress. We do not recommend enabling this feature.
  • Show prediction
    Enable prediction in the Key Result Trend chart. Prediction is based on previous progress values for the same Key Result.
  • Enable Strategic Pillars
    This will enable the option to create Strategic Pillar type OKRs. Strategic pillars OKRs do not have progress and used to set focus areas for an organization’s strategy.
  • Enable Reportees
    This will allow managers to view Team Member’s OKRs including private OKRs in Hub under the Reportees tab
  • Enable Objective Progress > 100%
    This setting will enable the field ‘> 100%” in the Create/Edit OKR screen(Additional Information Section) to allow OKR progress above 100%. As default, if a OKR progress is above 100% then the progress will be displayed as 100%. When ‘> 100%’ is selected, if OKR progress is above 100% then the actual progress will be displayed for the OKR.
  • Enable Objective Description

    This will enable a long text field that allows users to provide detailed information about their objectives. Once enabled, an Objective description field will be available when creating or editing an OKR. Additionally, within the Hub, users have the ability to view the Objective Description field by simply clicking on any specific objective. If an objective has a description field, it will be shown on the right-hand side, positioned above the Objective progress bar for easy access and reference.