Load Defaults

After the OKRify application is installed, all the initial configuration can be automatically created from the OKRify Settings tab.
Open OKRify Settings by searching in Salesforce tabs , in OKRify Settings go to the Load Default tab.

The below buttons are available in the Load Default tabs, click the buttons in the below order to create all the initial configuration needed for OKRify

  • Load Defaults - This button loads all the configuration required for OKRify including default settings and schedule Apex jobs. After clicking this button refresh the OKRify settings tab and verify settings in the following tabs in
    OKRify Settings
    • General Settings
    • Risk Color Settings
    • Default Settings
  • Add Topics - This button will create Pushtopic records needed for automatic meeting updates and permission set ‘OKRify_Meeting_Pushtopic_Autoupdate’ which needs to be assigned all meeting users to enable real-time updates
  • Load Sample Data - This button will create teams, periods and first OKR.

Now you are ready to go to OKRify Hub to check the first OKR created. Please check instructions to add more teams, periods and OKRs as required.