Create User Contest

User contests can provide a healthy boost of motivation to your team members through friendly competition and help achieve better results.

To Create a user contest, Click the "Create" button in the contest tab in Hub or your lighting page and input the following details in the "Create Contest" page:

1. Enter the contest name.

2. Provide a detailed description for the contest by clicking the icon

3. Choose the contest type as 'User.'

4. Opt to enable the Leaderboard if you wish to grant all users access. Managers, by default, will have access to Leaderboard and detailed leaderboard.

5. Specify the Start Date and Time for the contest.

6. Specify the End Date and Time for the contest.

7. Select the Timezone (defaulted to the user’s timezone).

8. Input a team name to automatically populate contest owners and users. Additional users can be added in the owners and users field as needed.

  • Owners: Individuals with managerial access to view and edit the contest.
  • Users: Participants who can view the contest.

9. Expand the "Prizes" section and add at least one prize. For each prize, include:

  • Position: The label for the position (e.g., 1st, Top Ranked).
  • Prize: The actual reward for the winner (e.g., $5000, iPhone).

10. Add KPIs for the contest; one or more KPIs can be included.

  • Search and select the KPI.
  • Choose the "Assigned to" field from the object in the selected KPI to allocate records to contest participants. If the Owner field of the object is selected as the Assigned to field then the record with the participant in the owner field will be assigned to them when calculating the contest positions.
  • Select the points calculation method:
    • Total Value: Each user’s total KPI value will be used to calculate the user’s position for the contest.
    • Points: Assign points based on KPI value (e.g., 1 point for every 10 meetings). Points earned by each user based on KPI value will be used.
    • Percentage of Target: Contest Position calculation is based on the percentage of the user's target the user has achieved. Each user can have their own target thus providing flexibility for setting up contests.
  • Field: It is a display only field that provides information: function and field for selected KPI (e.g., "Count" for "Opportunity Count" KPI and “Sum of Amount” for “Closed Opportunity Amount” KPI).
  • Target: If Percentage of Target is selected as the Point calculation option the target field will be available to enter the target for each user, you can also enter custom target for each user by clicking the icon.

11. Add more KPIs as necessary.

12. Click 'Save' to save the contest as a draft or click 'Save & Activate' to activate the contest.

Additional actions available for contest

  • Pause: Change the contest status to “Paused”. Paused contests will not be available in Users view.
  • Close: Change the contest status to “Closed”. Closed contests will not be available in Users view.
  • Delete: Delete a contest
  • Create a Contest: Open a new Create Contest Page
  • Cancel: This is going to Contest Dashboard LWC, Lets remove the button as it should not go to this place.