OKRify January 2023 Release

OKR Updates

Strategic Pillars

Strategic pillars are the key focus area of an organization’s strategy. Strategic pillars will also help to structure and organize OKRs around these focus areas. In OKRify, a strategic pillar can be created using the Create OKR page by clicking the Create button from the Hub and selecting the strategic icon from the top menu in the Create OKR page.

The following fields are available for a Strategic Pillar

  • Name
  • Period
  • Team (Automatically set to the Company level team)
  • Co-Owners
  • Description

Strategic pillars can be saved in draft status, can be paused or closed similar to an OKR.
Strategic pillar can be enabled from the OKRify Settings. If Strategic Pillar is enabled then Strategic Pillars will be the first level in the Objective hierarchy. Strategic pillars can be added as a parent OKR in any company or team level OKRs. Strategic pillars will not have key results and there will be no progress tracking for Strategic pillars.

Hub – Save filters

Filters in the hub can be saved by each user and the saved filter will be used to search OKRs when the hub is loaded.
Below are the functions of the buttons in the Hub filter

  • Save – Save the filters and search OKRs with the filters
  • Reset – Reset the filters back to the default filters
  • Apply – Use the filters to search OKRs but will not save the filters entered
Sobject/KPI Update – Increased limits

Sobject and KPI Key Results progress updates were limited to a maximum of 50,000 lines of data, this release will remove the 50,000 line of data limit when updating Sobject and Key Result progress.

KPIs in the Hub(not in OKRs) for a team or a user will still have the 50,000 lines of data limit.

Selection/Search field Improvements

Improved mouse scrolling in the search for the below fields in the Create/Edit OKR page

  • Parent Objective
  • Owner
  • KR Owner

In hub filter, the team field is improved to allow selection of multiple teams at once.

Meetings Update

Below are the updates in this release for the Meetings

Immediate Save

Changes(new, update or delete) made to any of the below items in the meetings are saved immediately, the update button is not available anymore.

  • Section
  • Agenda
  • Action items
  • Questions
  • Multiple Options
  • Answer to Questions
  • Reactions
  • Description
  • Comments
  • Meeting notes
  • Private notes
Real-time Updates

The following items when changed (new, update or delete) in a meeting by a user is immediately updated in almost real time for other users who has the same meeting open

  • Section
  • Agenda
  • Action item
  • Questions
  • Multiple Options
  • Reactions
  • Descriptions
  • Comments

This will help users update comments, action items, agenda etc real time during the meeting.
The flags such as repeat, required are not immediately updated.

Delete Comments

Comments can be deleted by the user who entered the comments.


Issue with scheduling recurring meeting dates is fixed.

Scorecard Updates

Advanced KPIs available in Scorecard

Until now, only simple KPIs that are based on one metric were available in Scorecards. In this release, advanced KPIs that are based on two metrics such as ratios can be added as KPIs in Scorecard to track team performance along with simple KPIs.

Some examples for advanced KPIs are Opportunity win Ratio, Qualified Lead Ratio, etc.

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