Release Notes Fall 2020

  • Now Contributors can also be added to a Key Result in addition to the owner, contributors can also update the Key Result progress through their hub.
  • Contributors is added to hub and company goal
  • In hub, changing filters to individual will now automatically default the logged in user and the hub will show all the Objectives and Key Results that the user is the owner/contributor for.
  • When creating objective with ownership, team with no parent is automatically defaulted. Every team except the team for the root organization is expected to have a parent team and is considered the root organization.
  • Sobject that can be used for automatically updating Key Result progress is fixed for count, some filters with count as the aggregate field was not working. Count automatically calculate the number of records for an objects based on the filter. Example: Lead with count as the field will calculate the number of leads that meets the filter conditions.
  • Sobject filter condition will automatically format with spaces. Example, if filter condition is entered as (1OR2) AND (3OR4) in Sobject Key Result, it will be automatically formatted to (1 OR 2) AND (3 OR 4).
  • View Objective and Key Result Lighting Page layouts are changed to ensure Objectives and Key Results cannot be changed in the standard lighting pages. Standard lighting pages can be used to get an overview of an objective and key result, track how progress has be made with trend charts and history. Tasks(Salesforce Standard) can also be added in relation to an Objective or a Key Result using the standard lighting pages. Tasks added can be tracked and updated in the tasks tab in OKRify.
  • Two new dashboards added – Alignment and Team Structure to show reports for Objective alignments, team structure and team members.
  • OKR User Permission set is updated with authorization for all company goals and view objective pages.
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