Create Calendar Event

Meetings can be used for 1:1, team and cross-functional meetings.

Meetings can be created in the OKRify application and a calendar event can be created in the Salesforce Calendar by enabling the Salesforce Event toggle button. If you have email integration with Salesforce calendar then the Meeting will be automatically synced with your email calendar.

In the February 2023 release, a new feature to create calendar events directly from the Meeting without the need for integration with Salesforce Calendar is now added.

A new calendar event can be opened in your email calendar (Gmail, Outlook or Outlook 365) from the Meetings with the calendar button . Calendar button will be available once Meeting is scheduled.

The new calendar event opened in the email calendar will automatically be populated with the below details from the meeting in Salesforce

  • Meeting Name
  • Date
  • Attendees
  • Meeting Information
  • Meeting Talking Points
  • Salesforce Meeting Link

The Calendar event will work with Gmail, Outlook and Outlook 365 Email providers. The calendar is always opened in the web browser and you need to login into your email/calendar service.

Once a calendar event is scheduled, the meeting will be updated to show that the event is created. Information available about the calendar event depends on the email/calendar provider, please check the details below


Calendar event link is available along with the online google meeting link for the Meeting. Both can be accessed from Meeting, calendar event link is available in the Calendar icon and the Meeting link can be opened by using the link icon.


Both links are not available for Outlook, the calendar will show the message that there is an outlook calendar event created.

Outlook 365:

Teams Meeting Link will be available but the outlook calendar event link will not be available. Calendar will show the message that there is an outlook calendar event

Click here to view configuration to enable Create Calendar Event.